The OMA Backflow App

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The backflow app is designed for protecting the safety of reticulated water supplies.

The backflow app guards against the potential of water contamination and resultant health risks from malfunctioning backflow safety devices.

Benefits to Council, device owners and licensed professionals 


Cost effective

Reduces administration costs associated with data input and reporting by up to 90%. Maximises revenue opportunities for local councils.

Reduce risk

Potentially reduces the risk of litigation by automating the reporting processes associated with monitoring of backflow devices.

Information management

Ensures efficient, safe and private collation of data for your residents. Meets state reporting obligations with immediacy and accuracy.


Assists in ensuring the health and safety of the community.


Makes the legislated requirement of maintaining a register, reporting and monitoring of backflow devices simple, easy and effective.


Automatically builds and maintains a detailed register allowing you to focus your resources elsewhere.

What we can help you achieve

Safer community outcomes | Safer environmental health outcomes | Peace of mind | Efficiency gains

Goals of the OMA Backflow solution

  1. Improve the health and safety of the community
    by reducing risk of water-borne diseases and
    contaminated drinking water.
  2. Generate significant cost savings and efficiencies for
    local councils and backflow testers and inspectors.

The OMA Backflow App has been developed to provide a cost effective, real time method of assessing the efficiency of backflow devices. It also builds a detailed historic database of the device performance over time.

Addressing the risks

Due to the recognised risks of backflow contamination and the important role that Backflow Prevention Devices play in protecting public health, it is imperative that the reporting and auditing process is simple and efficient. Communication between authorities, device testers and device owners is simultaneous, whilst building a register of devices tested.

Providing solutions

1. Makes compliance and testing of backflow devices quick, simple and thorough for testing agents and inspectors.

2. It makes the legislated requirement for reporting and monitoring of backflow devices simple and effective.

3. Eliminates the need for handwritten reports and manual entry by council staff, improving data accuracy.

4. Provides real-time searchable data to council on the performance and compliance of backflow devices.

5. Enables council to easily meet their legislative requirements to maintain a register of devices in their area.

6. Provides a custom reporting engine that can identify areas or device types needing attention.

The Backflow app is designed as an in field tool to assist the efficient and accurate recording and reporting of mandated requirements as the backflow technician conducts the testing of the reticulated water backflow prevention device.

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