How the backflow app works

See the video below for an explainer on how you can add a test using the Backflow app.

Overview of how the Backflow App works

The OMA Backflow App, has been developed to provide a cost-effective, real-time method of the reporting of Backflow Device’s tested. It also builds a detailed historic database of Devices performance over time.

The OMA Backflow App records the device tester’s name, licence and that the testing equipment calibration is current. OMA records this data to the address entered into the device, and builds a detailed list of backflow devices including make, serial number and location photo to assist regulators conducting onsite audits.

When entering new addresses the app uses the longitude and latitude of the device and provides a list of addresses for the person testing the device to select. This function prevents errors in spelling and doubling up of addresses in the database by producing a list of sites on the nearest named road from GPS data or regulators imported data.

OMA Backflow App provides a simple authorisation process to allow the owner of the device to manage their backflow testing contractors.When authorised to do so by the device owner the testing technician is provided with device details and simply enters the results of pressure testing into the relevant fields. Once the test is completed, the tester will select to pass or fail the device tested. Then a report will automatically be emailed to the Local Authority, testing company and device owner.


Technology at its finest, the OMA solution, is one of the best examples of asset managers, testers and private enterprise working together to deliver real innovation.


It makes the legislated requirement for reporting and monitoring of backflow safety devices simple and effective.

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